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About Futuretro

Futuretro – interactive light sculpture artist

Futuretro [pronounced future-retro] is the alias of interactive light sculpture artist Jamie Barrett. It symbolises an equilibrium between the future and the past, creating harmony in the present moment. – Flowing in the now.

To learn more about Jamie, Click Here.

Mindful. Beautiful. Sustainable.

Designed to aid relaxation, these sound responsive light sculptures enrich their environment and refresh the mind.

The forms of the pieces are based on sacred geometry, tessellations and fractals found in nature that have been proven to have a calming effect. These interactive sculptures make beautiful focal points that induce tranquillity to enhance your surroundings and awaken your senses.

Only the highest quality, sustainable materials are used to handcraft these unique, geometric sculptures and each piece incorporates interactive coloured lighting.

Relaxation. Your way.

Relaxation doesn’t just have to mean calming, it’s anything that frees you from stress and worries. You can set these light sculptures to respond to your choice of music. So, whether you want to find your inner peace, or you are looking to liven things up, these sculptures transform to suit your mood and relax you at the same time.

Sound reactive light sculptures!

App and smart system control

Select the colours and sequences using an app or integrate these interactive sculptures into your smart control system and enable them to respond to their surroundings. The possibilities are limitless!

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