Being the Flow


Sound responsive, interactive light sculpture. Wall mounted, with internal smart control system. Calm your mind with colour changing sequences and limitless lighting effects. Can be integrated with smart home apps.

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Dimension: 62cm x 89cm x 21cm
Materials: Redwood, oak, smart control system, colour changing LEDs.
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Flow is a state of mind that occurs when a person is totally immersed in an activity. When in flow, we are deeply absorbed in what we’re doing, yet there is no feeling of exerting effort.

Imagine a leaf floating along the surface of a river… If you are going with the flow, you are the leaf; if you are Being the Flow, you are the river.

This sculpture was inspired by the sacred geometry of waveforms and tessellation patterns found in nature.

Lighting sculptures for your wall

‘Being the Flow’ is a wall mounted sculpture with an internal smart control system, connected to state-of-the-art LEDs that are concealed in the back of the piece. This creates the effect that the sculpture is glowing from behind, as if it’s hovering just in front of the wall to which it’s attached. The control system enables interaction via an app, allowing the selection of colours, programming of sequences and an almost infinite variety of lighting effects. The piece can be integrated into smart home systems and has an internal microphone, which transforms the sound that is sensed into a synchronised audio-visual display.

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