Sound responsive, interactive light sculpture in the form of a coffee table, with internal smart control system. Calm your mind with colour changing sequences and limitless lighting effects. Can be integrated with smart home apps.

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Dimensions: 47cm x 64cm x 42cm
Materials: Oak, ash, padauk, elm, walnut, rose quartz, garden quartz, aura rose quartz, bronze, toughened glass, smart control system, colour changing LEDs.
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Synchronicity is a deeply meaningful coincidence, like thinking about something, then mysteriously having it happen. This piece is Futuretro’s recognition of that fascinating concept.

The interlocking patterns are inspired by the structure of coral reef ecosystems and their resemblance to the architecture of a city. The forms are made from oak and quartz crystal, complete with a solid bronze, miniature King Kong character, rejoicing on top of one of them.

Illuminating sculptural coffee table

‘Synchronicity’ is an interactive sculptural coffee table with an internal smart control system, connected to state-of-the-art LEDs that are concealed within the outer frame. This enables interaction via an app, allowing the selection of colours, programming of sequences and an almost infinite variety of lighting effects. The piece can be integrated into smart home systems and has an internal microphone,  which transforms the sound that is sensed into a synchronised audio-visual display.

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