Sound responsive, interactive light sculpture. Wall mounted, with internal smart control system. Calm your mind with colour changing sequences and limitless lighting effects. Can be integrated with smart home apps.

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Dimensions: 32cm x 35cm x 26cm
Materials: Jesmonite (Eco-Resin), Ash, Hardwood Plywood, Smart Control System, Colour Changing LEDs.
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Art that eliminates stress

Introducing Relaxaa, an audio-visual, therapeutic light sculpture designed to relax you.

Handcrafted from the highest quality, sustainable, solid ash wood and eco-resin. Relaxaa is wall mounted and is a similar size to a standard painting or print but provides many more benefits.

The forms are based on fractals found in nature that resonate harmoniously with our subconscious. A fractal is a geometric shape in which similar patterns recur at progressively smaller scales. Examples include branches of trees, plants and leaves, snowflakes, crystals and corals.

“It has been proven that people are hardwired to find calm in such patterns. They soothe the part of our brain that is constantly trying to make order from the chaos around us, that’s why we are naturally drawn to them.”

The integrated lighting in Relaxaa is app controlled, with limitless interactive patterns.

You can mix colours from a full spectrum palette, as well as select from a vast array of animated sequences, that you can tailor to suit your preferences.

However, the primary interactive feature of Relaxaa is its unique sound responsive capabilities. The internal electronics have been created so there’s a direct correlation between the frequency of sound that’s sensed and the colour of resultant light that’s emitted.

Relaxaa detects sound via an integrated precision microphone and then accurately converts the predominant frequency into an equally proportionate frequency of coloured light. The lowest frequencies (bass notes) are displayed as red because red has the lowest frequency of coloured light. As the frequency of the sensed sound increases (and the notes get higher), the colour of the displayed light progresses through the colour spectrum accordingly, going up to violet and magenta at the highest end of the frequency range.

The result is a scientifically meaningful visual representation of the music you are hearing. This creates a hypnotic, audio-visual immersive experience that, in combination with the specially designed fractal forms, eliminates stress, induces relaxation and enhances wellbeing almost immediately.

Experience the many benefits of Relaxaa for yourself, by ordering your limited edition now.

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