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Sound responsive, interactive light sculptures that eliminate stress. Inspired by nature. Enhancing wellbeing.

Light sculptures that refresh the mind

Feel relaxed and refreshed as you flow through the colour sequences of a Futuretro interactive light sculpture. Based on patterns from nature that we are hardwired to respond to harmoniously, the geometric forms have been proven to calm the mind. The pieces are also sound responsive and can be set to synchronise with your choice of music. You can use the light sculptures to induce tranquillity, or energise their surroundings, depending on your mood. This can be done using an app or by integrating the pieces into your smart control system, making them radiant, interactive additions to home, work, hospitality and leisure interiors.


"The FUTURETRO light sculpture helped me achieve a state that not only felt calm and de-stressed, but also incredibly focussed and energised. This feeling is not something I manage to achieve often, and certainly not in such a short space of time."

Hannah L.

"FUTURETRO’s immersive experience provided me with peace and serenity to clear my mind in the middle of a busy day. I came out feeling refreshed and re-energised."

Sophie S

"The combination of geometric shapes, light and sound made me feel relaxed, yet focused and present at the same time. I entirely enjoyed the very unique experience."

Diana J

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The therapeutic benefits of Futuretro light sculptures have been scientifically proven

A research study was carried out, recording brainwave activity, to prove the therapeutic benefits of the sound responsive light sculpture, ‘Essence’.


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