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Quotes From Research Study Participants

Following on from my previous blog post about the research study that was carried out, recording brainwave activity, to prove the therapeutic benefits of the sound responsive light sculpture, Essence
I feel that quotes directly from the study participants are worth sharing, as they give heartfelt feedback about the effects of a Futuretro light sculpture experience, from people who had never previously seen the piece.

Quite often first impressions give the most potent and honest reviews.
Read on to see what people said…

The Light Sculpture Experience – What People Said…

“A powerful and very grounding experience moving through different states of tranquillity.” T.C.

“I entirely enjoyed the experience. The combination of sound, music and geometrical shapes makes you feel relaxed, yet focused and present at the same time. A very unique experience for sure.” D.J.

“The Art of Relaxation experience was more than I expected in that it was a multi-dimensional and encompassing sensory experience that took me into a deep meditative state in what felt like a short space of time. The latter part of that statement is relevant as if I hadn’t been told the duration prior to the event I couldn’t have told you how long it had lasted.
It was an enjoyable experience with all components working really well together to deliver against the objective of inducing a relaxed state, a very relaxed state. I also felt the benefits lasted a long time beyond the actual experience and was something I came back to repeatedly after and continue to do so. Images of the sculpture are easy to recall in my mind and are accompanied by reduced internal mind chatter and a meditative state.” C.C.

“FUTURETRO’s immersive experience provided me with peace and serenity to clear my mind in the middle of a busy day. I came out feeling refreshed and re-energised.” S.S.

“An interesting experience, combining both deep relaxation and intense focus.” E.L.

“I love Jamie’s work. He is so incredibly talented. It is very special, so I was delighted to experience the light, colour and sound as an all-round experience. It truly was magical, and I could feel my energy change. I’d just have liked longer! Sign me up for any other immersive experiments.” P.B.

“The experience was extremely pleasant and relaxing. I found myself losing track of time and entering a state of tranquillity.” D.W.

“The Essence sculpture helped me achieve a state that not only felt calm and de-stressed, but also incredibly focussed and energised. This feeling is not something I manage to achieve often, and certainly not in such a short space of time.” H.L.

“I became totally absorbed in FUTURETRO’s Art of Relaxation study; it took a moment to let go of the morning that had happened so far or was to come afterwards. The sound and lights, but especially the sculpture, allowed my mind to start focussing only on what was in front of me. The energy was incredibly peaceful and calm, and this stayed with me throughout the day.” J.B.

“I found the experience to be very mind opening and left me wanting more. After just a minute of viewing the sculpture, I could feel a difference in my breathing and a general sense of calmness. I could not take my eyes off it for the whole duration of the study, I found it to be incredibly beautiful. In conclusion I really enjoyed the whole experience and would highly recommend it to anyone.” C.F.

“I really enjoyed the experience provided by FUTURETRO and the nature of the project. I lost track of time during the process which came as a result of feeling completely relaxed, and it was amazing to see the data following my experience showing these effects on a neurological level; something I felt really brought the whole thing to life.” B.C.

Many thanks to all who took part in the research study and for your wonderful feedback!

Now you’ve read what people said… For more information, images and videos of the Essence sculpture… Please Click Here.

July 2022