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Why I create these sculptures and how it happens

FUTURETRO – Why and How…

I felt compelled to explain, as concisely as possible, the essence behind what it is that I’m doing here as an artist, so I thought I’d write these words for a ‘FUTURETRO – Why and How’ post. – I hope they provide some interesting insights into the inner workings of my creative expression…


My general artistic intentions are to express my positive energy in a balanced creative flow, in order to resonate harmoniously with others, so they feel good when experiencing the results.


The concepts and forms of my sculptures come to me like gifted symbols of communication from the infinite sea of creative potential. These visions are then fine-tuned in my mind and automatically influenced by the amalgamation of my current considerations, which tend to revolve around: the balance and flow of energies, art forms in nature, sacred-geometry and fractals.

Following this initial metaphysical sculptural process, certain possibilities are subconsciously selected and, like unavoidable compulsions, manifested into physical existence through my body as the conduit.

My creative flow then operates harmoniously within the boundaries of my existing physical manipulation skills, as well as the tools and materials that I have access to at the time.

The end results are what you see here. I hope they help you feel good!

To see (and buy) my recent work… Please Click Here.

You can also see some behind the scenes insights into my creative process on my Instagram profile by clicking… HERE.

December 2022

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